"I have been very impressed with Dr. Graeber's Presentation' D.D. DDS, Chesterfield, Mo.

'I was so impressed that I would have bought a laser if one had been available at the lecture" D.D. DDS, Chesterfield, Mo.

"Dr Graeber is very knowledgeable, most information was practical"
DDS, Minneapolis, Mn

"Real life cases, not the ideal cases no one sees" M.G. Willmar, MN

"Top-notch presentation, Worth the cost of the entire seminar" D.N.
St. Cloud MN

"Excellent presentation and advice during the hands-on portion" M.C. DDS, Brandon, MB

'A very enthusiastic Speaker, great info, approachable for questions"
D. L. DDS Renville, MN

"Dr. Graeber's presentation was exceptional" D.N. St. Cloud, MN

"I will now be able to pull out the lasers in my practice and get them working" E.E. DDS North Oaks, MN

"This program is what I have been asking for" E.E. North Oaks, MN

"Informative and practical" O.H. Minneapolis MN

"Can immediately go back to work and use much of it" DDS St. Paul, MN

'Hands-on great, very approachable instructor" D.F. Shoreview, MN

"Good practical information, derived in a concise manner" S. B. DDS
Lakeview MN

"I went from 'no way I'll ever use a laser" to 'where can I sign up for training with Dr. Graeber" J.H. Marysville, OH

"I can use it this week in my practice" J.H. Marysville, OH

"this is the only course I have gone to that does not try to sell a product" U.S. Philadelphia, PA

"Rate this one 10/10, Very worthwhile" M.H. DMD Philadelphia, PA

" I am so glad I took this course, I gained confidence and I am ready to go" A.C. Philadelphia, PA

"Very good course, terrific info,and hands-on, Instructor very good" DDS, Philadelphia,PA

"you did and awesome job! I'll bet you made laser users out of most participants!" W.K. Philadelphia, PA

'You sound just like one of us!" DDS, CDA, Anaheim, CA

California Dental Association (462 Attendees) 3.64/4.00

American Dental Association, 2012 Annual Session Laser Workshop
Rating 4.69/5.00