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This Diode laser Training Program is intended for New users and their staffs. Few members of our Profession have been trained in the clinical use of optical energy. This knowledge gap will be thoroughly filled by this program of instruction. The material and educational methods have been used successfully for many years in laser training sessions.

After completion of the modules, Participants should feel competent in utilizing lasers in most clinical situations. You will learn how to use lasers safely and effectively. Unlike other training programs, we offer Microscopic Videos of actual procedures on patients. These videos far exceed chairside magnification loupes, so you will have a solid idea of how diode lasers interact with soft tissue. Case studies will show before, during and post treatment results.

Diode soft tissue lasers replace the use of retraction cord, recontour redundant tissue, drastically reduce periodontal pathogens, literally cure oral lesions such as Aphthous ulcers, reduce the inflammation surrounding oral lesions and surgical wounds, facilitate orthodontic treatment, decontaminate infected root canals, enhance direct pulp capping, and even create emergence profiles around implants. All of these applications are taught in this program.

Dentists should be able to maximize the quality of their treatments, hygienists should witness an enhanced soft tissue responses and Staff should feel comfortable in working with and recommending the use of lasers in dental care.

When appropriately integrated into a practice, the Diode Laser can return the entire investment in as little as 30 days. Diodes are among the most reliable pieces of equipment in the dental armamentarium.