Frequently Asked Questions

Forgotten Password or User Name

You can always recover your lost account by using one of the links at the  bottom of the Member Login page. The two important links are

  1. Forgot your password?
  2. Forgot your username?

You must know the e-mail address which you used to create the account. Then by following the instructions with either link you can recover your username and or password.

Have a problem using the promo code

If you have a promo code you can enter it prior to final checkout. Then the value of the Promo Code will be deducted from the total charges. Please note that the Pioneer Laser Promo codes only work for the Dentist Diode Laser Technique Training. After you enter a Promo code click the "calculate" button and wait a few seconds. If the code is accepted the total amount will be re-calculated. If the code does not get accepted the charges will remain the same. Should you believe your promo code should give you a discount and it does not, then contact the sales representative who provided the code.

How to Print a Certificate

When you complete one of the Diode Laser Training Courses and pass the final exam, you are able to print a certificate. This certificate is a useful confirmation of your training but will not meet the AGD requirements for credits. To claim the training credits you must complete the final part of the training which is a form to request your training is registered..


Your Certificate will take the full name you used at registration. The First and Last Name fields can be changed by clicking the "My Account" button on the toolbar viable when you go to the "My Courses" or "My Account" menu options after logging into the website.

When you complete and pass the final quiz, follow the instructions under the "congratulations message" telling you to click to the next lesson. This should take you to the preview of your certificate. There you will be able to download the pdf document for printing. Do not worry if the preview seems formatted badly, the pdf version is correct for Letter sized paper.

If you want to print your certificate from logging into the site or anytime after you completed the final exam use the following instructions:

Printing After Login

To print a certificate first log into the member login then at your members page you will see a menu option titled "My Certificates". Click on this to see your eligible certificates.

You get a choice of ways to see and print your certificates. These are in the right hand section labeled "options" as a set of icons:

cirtificate icons

The recommended way is to click on the PDF icon and download the PDF of your certificate. Depending on your browser settings you may not be able to use the link icon.

The name used on the certificate is the name created in your account.


Also note that the viewing of the certificate on the website or in the e-mail link sometimes places the name outside the intended area. This is only a problem with some configurations and the PDF printed version is normally correct.

If you have a problem with "My Certificates"

If you do not see any options on the right of My Certificates this might indicate the system did not update when you completed the final exam. Perhaps you closed the browser without going to the next lesson. To correct this issue follow these steps: 

  • Go to the "My Courses" option from the Member Menu viable after you login.

  • Select the course of the certificate you want.

  • Open the last lesson which should be the final exam.

  • You should see you quiz score and confirmation you passed.

  • Click the top right "next" arrow which should take you to the certificate preview page. Here you can download your certificate as a pdf file.

  • After this process your certificate options should be viable in the "my Certificates" area.

Certificate of Continuing Education Credits

In order to have your training registered and get credit with the AGD you must complete the final part of the training module which is the Application for Certificate of Continuing Education Credits form. You can also access this form using this link. To complete this form you will need the name recorded for your training, your AGD number and the number recorded on the certificate awarded when you completed the training.

Getting Support

For all issues retailing to the Training Course and material please address your questions to Dr. Graeber through the details on the Contact Us page.

For problems with the site operation and account details please use the support form.

Our Training

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