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Diode Laser Technique

This Program is intended for New users and their staffs. Few members of our Profession have been trained in the clinical use of optical energy. The material and educational methods have been used successfully for many years in laser training sessions. Participants will: gain understanding of how optical Science interacts with oral biological tissues, will be able to: employ necessary safety precautions in the operation of diode lasers in patient treatment,employ diode laser techniques to enhance treatment outcomes, will know appropriate diode laser protocols in treating most dental pathologies, and will attain the necessary knowledge in order to integrate diode lasers into their patient treatment. will gain sufficient knowledge about diode lasers to allow a passing grade on the included proficiency examination.  ...
2 Courses

Quick Starts

Intended for the Pioneer Dentist Lasers, our Quick Start Guides are designed to get you familiar with your Laser System.