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After more than 40 years in Practice, and 22 with the aid of lasers, I look forward to sharing my chairside experience with you. This material has been presented live to thousands of Laser Dentists throughout North America over the past 17 years, and we have made this online learning experience with the "Best of the Best".

I have brought together the best of the my training material and packaged it for on-line learning. With these training cources you can learn how to get the best out or your Diode Laser and how to integrate it profitably into your dental practice. 


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dvd tech

Diode Laser Clinical Techniques on DVD

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Elite & Pro Lasers

Short Free Quick start Training Videos.

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Diode Laser

Laser Dentistry Training using real treatment  video's 

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John J. Graeber Named President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry

DrGMarch 2015: John J. Graeber, DMD, is honored to be named the President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry for 2015. Dr. Graeber is a pioneer in leading the way for the use of lasers in dentistry.
In 1991, after extensive training, Dr. Graeber purchased a dLase 300 laser and brought it to the state of New Jersey.Read More

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This is the first lesson in our Diode Laser Training, we offer this to you for review so you can sample our training. You can find out more about the contents of this course by following the Learn More link.

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Academy of Laser Dentistry ADA CERP Provider an approved ADA CERP Credit  granted through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Approval does not imply acceptance by state or Provincial Board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. Approved from 11/1/16 to 10/31/18 Provider ID #300151

This website receives commercial support from Pioneer Lasers/CAO Group

This program is applicable to all brands of dental diode lasers from 810-980 nm

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All our students either from the on-line classes or our live seminars, get the opportunity to complete an anonymous survey about their course and the quality of training. We take their feedback seriously and use the information to improve our courses. 

You can see what the other students say about us and get some independent reviews of our courses.

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